Thursday, April 23, 2015

Still On My Mind

If we had a homeowners association this would not have happened.
It has been hard to have self control about this but---
He should be glad if he cared that I am ranting just on my blog.
He has just made a mess of my pretty side and back yard.
 Our gate before he moved in
 our side yard before he moved in
 our dead grass now in the side yard. You can see down the middle
where he was cutting our grass way past his gray unpainted fence. The drain  off his house
back of his flower bed goes to the middle also. We have lived here 6 years and it didn't happen until
he moved in. You know what he told Bennie? we could put gravel in there.
and now at the gate. this is where its comes from under his fence
Okay I will not say any more?????


Anonymous said...

Patsy, I know you said Bennie does not want to involve anyone in this process. BUT these are the type problems that John was in charge of with the City as Code Enforcement Officer. It is obvious from your photos that the neighbor "removed" the berm that was created to protect your property from his water runoff. I fully understand your not wanting to get into a battle with this guy but the problem will get worse over time and be very costly. The City will come out and look even though they may not be willing to get involved. With one of our homes where the same happened, we had to hire an drainage expert to correct the problem or else continue to incur even bigger expenses. Call your City (or county) Govt. and ask for The Building Official.

Ginny said...

I think if you went to some kind of court, you would definitely win! What about consulting one of those free lawyers?

Ginny said...

I agree with Mildred, call the city building first.

Anonymous said...

John also wants me to share with you and Bennie that The Environmental Protection Agency will not allow a person to re-direct their water on to another's person's property - the Building Official or Code Enforcement Officer there will be able to confirm this.

Sparky said...

Mildred and John know how to handle such things. This is yet another reason why I hate neighborhoods. "Country living is the life for me ..." Hope it's resolved soon. Prayers for you all. ~:)

Mari said...

Grrr - this situation is so wrong! I agree - listen to Mildred and John.

Love Of Quilts said...
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Vee said...

Oh. How nasty. What is that?! Hopefully, you can get this straightened around. I have had good neighbors on either side for all the time I have lived here. The one across the street has been a challenge, though.