Thursday, April 9, 2015

Back To The Present

We are in full Spring here in  our part of Arkansas
In the back yard is
  the Taylor's Perfection Camellia in full bloom.
 I got these tulip's off the sale rack for $o.99 there were 5 nice big blubs in the pot.
 Also get 3 hyacinths in one pot for .99
 my Paper whites are blooming
So this is my spring garden, happy , happy place to see out my window.
(Hope you have a happy place in your yard)


L. D. said...

Yes, you have evidence of a real spring going on in your area. I like all of your different varieties of flowers.

Ginny said...

Your yard is gorgeous! And such a nice variety. I like the Camellia, it looks a bit like a peony.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, You got great bargains. Everything is so pretty. Enjoy!

Mari said...

It's looking so pretty!

Karen said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I love all the springy color.