Thursday, April 16, 2015

Busy Back Yard

  Squirrel wants on the feeder so bad but just can't get past the shield
so he waits for the Blue Jays to scatter the seeds. 
 the Cardinal's are nesting , did you know the females regularly sing not just
the males. You can see the trees are getting greener.
 This little bird is a white -throated sparrow he will be gone soon
they just come for the winter. You can see the honeysuckle is green and will bloom soon.
I have buds on the Iris , see the little bird at the bottom  it has  bright yellow
strips on it head, tried my best to get a better photo of it. Looks like
some kind of sparrow. Couldn't find it in my bird book.


Marie C said...

Lovely bird and squirrel shots and of your budding springtime yard, so soon to bloom! Lovely!

Ginny said...

Spring is here! I wish I knew what kind of bird that is. I do think it is a sparrow of some kind. Love the waiting squirrel!

L. D. said...

Your iris is way ahead of mine. You do have a lot of different visitors in your yard.

Anonymous said...

We enjoy watching Cardinals in our back yard too. Thankfully we don't have squirrels here.

Sue said...

Enjoyed seeing spring come forth at your home, the squirrels at our place just help themselves, I see the birds waiting for them to finish so they can eat. ~smile~
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings, Sue

Sparky said...

Our area has an amazing amount of Cardinals, all year round. That's why we named it "Red Bird Acres". Our bunch disappear into the woods for about a month or so late in Fall too.
Very well done photos. I love wildbirds too. Watching them is my favorite choice of entertainment. ~:)

Mari said...

Pretty birds! I like them all!

Simply Linda said...

{Patsy} just plum beautiful! I would like to come there and just sit and relax. Blessings

Far Side of Fifty said...

Check out some photos of Warblers in your Bird Book. I have a Yellow Rumped Warbler that comes every spring..or Butter Butts as some people call them:)