Monday, April 20, 2015

More Storms

 I was ready to take shelter it went around us and not 15 miles from
us it took out power poles and trees. This morning the wind is blowing and it is cool. 
Our October Glory Maple tree is in full leaf.
 The Karl Rosenfield Paeonia is about to pop.
This is the Pope John Paul 11, white rose, buds all over it.
My heart goes out to all who didn't make the storm with out damage.


Anonymous said...

Your tree and plants are growing fast. Glad you are safe. It is storming again here this afternoon. Stay safe.

L. D. said...

I have large pieces of limbs in my yard from our wind of yesterday. I didn't hear or see them fall but they will need to be removed.

racheld said...

Always good to hear from Y'all, MIss Patsy. Just what do you DO with green boiling onions? Are they the kind that folks cream for Thanksgiving, or cook with mushrooms? I love the little pickled ones, and also like to put the plain canned ones into maybe a chicken pot pie, but just boiled ones?

Glad you two had no storm damage, and God Bless all who did.


Simply Linda said...

{Patsy} how scary!!! I do not miss that about the south one bit (Alabama)! Oh, we have severe weather here in the great north, and known to get a tornado, but nothing like the south/y'all get. The thunder boomers we get here are pretty awesome, I have to say. Blessings

Ginny said...

Peonies, right? I love them! The ones around here will not open up till the tiny ants eat the covering off. You were surely blessed!! Today we are to get storms and hail!

Mari said...

Glad to hear you are safe and well. We have rain, but that's all.

Sparky said...

Yipes, stay safe over there in Arkansas! Y'all sure have some nasty weather this time of year. Thinking of you all from here. ~:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear you escaped the storm. We have to warm up to get storms:)