Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Up Date

When he came this morning he almost took 
the nut from The Bennie's hand he is out of
the bushes got the nut and as you can see .

 First Pecan
 he will only eat two then he says bye-bye see you tomorrow.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Bennie

Has a new friend
 We have been here one year and a 1/2 HAVE NEVER seen
a squirrel, until this one came and knocked on our 
door and ask for The Bennie.
 As most of you know The Bennie was the Rabbit 
Whisperer before we moved here.
 Now it comes every morning for a few shelled pecans.
It is almost taking it from his hand, just can't get that photo
yet.  When the neighbors see it they say ( look there is a
squirrel)   where did that come from.
I think it hitched a ride from Jonesboro Arkanass
To Where we live now in Tennessee.

The Bennie is about to freak me out, I have been married
to him almost 40 years- knew he had a way with wild life
and dogs and cats, oh and we had a cockatiel bird that loved
him dearly but hated me would bite me when I cleaned its cage.
It had to go or I was leaving , thank goodness he chose me.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Bennie

What a sneaky way to get your picture on the blog!!

Well love is still in the air. Our aerobic exercise class 
had our  breakfast for the class and anyone that likes 
to come.

 We had Birthday Cake (Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake)
it sure was good, my first time to eat one.
Remember  this couple?  They announced their engagement
at breakfast.
It was his birthday, the cake had his real picture on it.
It said Super Hero with a guy in a cape.
Now don't laugh but bet  you can guess who went and
got the cake??
(What fun, it is kind of  like living in a older version of High School)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Can I Ask

 Do I look like a person that would have a gun or knife 
in my  hand bag? But this day and time you never know.
 This is what was in my bag
Plus the small camera
Now what would you have done a bout this little thing????

I was one of a few that was first when they open the doors
for us to go in the church for the Commencement at Bellevue Baptist
Church to see Bobby get his diploma.

When this young man ask to look in my bag I looked down to unzip it
when I saw his fly was unzipped.
I said with out thinking ( ZIP YOUR PANTS UP}
opened my bag as he zipped up and he said just go on.
Now I would have said this to any one of my boys or husband
not thinking a thing about it.

But there is more you will most likely  see on the news about a knock
down drag out fight of a whole row it was over a seat.
It shows the class are walking down the aisle as it is happening. 
And it was at the same church but different school.
(This world is going crazy)
So they should check  for guns some one could have been killed.
And in a church!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bartlett High School---2017

 Bobby walking up
Big smile--walking off
 Hurray !
We are so proud of Bobby
He is our last and and the baby of our grandsons