Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Texas Azaleas Garden

were pink with white azaleas and white and pink Dogwood trees.
 From the road all the way up the side to the secret garden 
white dogwoods 
 more beds of pink azaleas the little tree was a flowering plum.
the little house was the neighbors.
 Same bed different view I have forgotten what
the other flowers were.
showing some of the white azaleas


L. D. said...

I remember being in Houston during early spring and it is so beautiful to see. The air is different with a lot of moisture in it.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

How beautiful Patsy, lots of spring color, and I bet the fragrances were intoxicating...
Thank you for sharing with us.

Mari said...

I love azaleas! Yours are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

So very pretty. We have trouble with azaleas here in GA. The hot dry summers and red clay are hard on them.

Karen said...

I love azaleas and dogwoods. Beautiful!!

Ginny said...

How beautiful!!!