Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today We Will Start To Build a House

Texas 1990

this will be the front 
 the side where the drive and garage will be
 the back of house.
 This is Miss kitty our first cat
 this is Miss Kitty and her baby , he was taken to the barn to live
Not long after Miss Kitty got run over by a truck.
Now this is nasty cat (Blackie).  Miss Kitty wouldn't let him snuggle up with her and her baby.
Are teach him how to clean his self . We had to start brushing and give him vitamins
to help make his coat shine and stop falling out.
Now the story how we came to have these cats are. In the motor room of the store where 
 Bennie worked, they had some mice
and the Bennie started to feed some stray cats and they lived in the motor room. 
That stopped the mice
but they started to have baby's (the cats). The Bennie would give a sack of cat food to anyone that would take a cat home. Most of the cats were given away. For some reason baby cats started  to show up at our home. Blackie was just a baby and we heard him loudly crying went to see what was wrong he followed me to the back yard and never left it. Blackie was a very vocal cat and would talk to us and the funny thing we understood him. He made us love him and lived with us 18 years.


Sparky said...

I watched them build our current home back in 1993. It was fun but a bit stressful. Seems like down towards the end it took "forever" to finish. Wouldn't mind doing it again ... maybe. :) Thanks for sharing your adventure and kitties with us. ~:)

Ginny said...

I love your cat stories, especially about Blackie! Do you live in the same house that you built? I would love a picture in a future post. I love seeing you both in your header!! So many bloggers will not show themselves, but I like seeing who I am talking to. How many cats do you have now?

Simply Linda said...

You know Patsy, you sure can brighten any day-smiles! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Blessings

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I miss our cats, one was a rescued cat who stayed with us for 26 years! She used to have a strange meow which we still mimic now. Take care x

racheld said...

OH, My. Don't know when I've enjoyed a post so much. Is that a "NOW" house, or a "remember" house? I've been online researching kitchen cabinets for weeks.

And you two look EXACTLY as I pictured you---sweet and pleasant, and with such smooth pretty faces.

Every cat we've ever had has been a "come in from the cold' kitty, and we lost our last one about six years ago. She was about 18 as well. Just have the one little GrandDog which came for three months and is still here five years later.

Hope Spring is Springing all over the place down there!


Mari said...

Good memories! I especially liked reading about Blackie.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the photos of your cats. Blackie sounds like a character; some cats are just almost human, aren't they? Beautiful setting for your home, too. It was about this time last year that our current home was being built. I know you miss your cats very much. Sorry I am behind with blog commenting. Harriet is very low and then last week, Kaboodle had another seizure. I rushed her to the vet. She is now on thyroid and anti-seizure meds and another pill for her stomach. She is 12 and I've had her the longest. I have been sleeping in the room with both Harriet and Kaboodle with one eye and one ear on them.