Monday, March 23, 2015

Remember Me Always

But do not grieve for me too long. I tried always to comfort you in times of sorrow.

Blackie passed away  in 2004 

We still miss him.
Over at blogger Cat tails they  just lost  sweet Harriet and we feel their pain.
We extend our most sincere sympathies.


Blackie has a vistor from next door.

You should go home I am through talking to you.
Blackie gets a new  make over and he is not happy about  it .
We think he is so cute with his new hair cut.. He was having some trouble with his
 long hair in the summer.
It grew back before winter, he is getting old and gray. Each photo were years apart.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Patsy & Bennie, We thank you for your kind expression of sympathy in our loss of Harriet. I know and understand how much you miss Blackie. These are wonderful pictures. Pets add a lot of joy to our lives.

I am thankful for precious blog friends to share the happy and sad times with. God bless your day. xoxo Mildred

Ginny said...

I know how sad it is to loose a beloved pet. Somehow, you are just never ready. We lost our Cher about two years ago.

Maggie Ann said...

Your Blackie sounds very Mom always had a Needsie...stands for Needles. Her family of ladies always had needlework going. And beloved cats sprawled all over. We looked forward to Grandma's house. It was another world....all the last years and fun!

Karen said...

Pets bring so much joy. I am not a pet owner, but I loved little Harriet, my sister and brother-in-law's dog.

L. D. said...

I can so visualize all that Harriet was as a dog with all her love for her mom and day. I appreciate your sharing Blackie today and know that every pet is family and we took great care of them to give them the best life possible.

Simply Linda said...

I agree, our pets bring much joy and happiness. Blessings

Mari said...

I know Mildred appreciated this.
Our pets really are part of our family and it's so hard to lose them.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Our pets are family. I was so sad to hear that Harriet died...I hope I get to meet her someday at the Bridge.
I can see why you would have trimmed that long haired cat...we had one that we had to trim too...matts..oh my.

Marie said...

We had an all-black cat named Cricket years ago that broke our heart when she died. It is always so sad to lose a animal loved one.

Winifred said...

You never do forget them & you continue to miss them. Sad to hear about Harriet.
Seeing Blackie shorn made me remember Oscar who we lost 3 years ago. He hated us cutting his fur so we never managed to get him cut like that.
Still brings a lump to my throat thinking about him even though we were lucky to have him for over twenty years.