Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Deer Camp

Men Only
 For a week in Nov  the bennie lived here
 with five other guys  in the hills of Tennessee
 Setting in a tree, only other men could understand that.
And here he is the Bennie after he came out of the tree.
The deer was eaten by family and friends

My part of the deer was done like this, boy was I in to flowers.


racheld said...

Oh, Miss Patsy!

Does that ever look familiar! Though there were not so many "real" campers in the group---there was one bigger cabin and a big lean-to on the back, and one old schoolbus with a barrel-stove in it.

I used to load up the boys' truck with all sorts of goodies for everybody when they headed out---I'd use my wedding cake pans---the 14" sizes and make big cakes, and big ice-cream buckets full of Paminna Cheese and dips and the sauce for baking beans, and bags of flour with the Crisco already cut into it, for easy making of biscuits.

Oh, My the memories. And it surely was nice to have all that meat all wrapped and labeled and ready in the freezer all the time.

I really didn't know HOW to cook straight out of the grocery store when we moved up here. And we still miss that venison (and mallards---was just wishing for a couple not long ago, for a pot of brown "gumbo" which is just mostly a rich, savory duck broth for serving over Uncle Ben's.

Stay well and warm,


Ginny said...

Around these parts, there are SO many hunters!! I really don't understand, it must be a male thing. Because back in cave man times, men had to hunt to provide for the family.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Deer Camp is always an adventure and fun for the men! :)

Mari said...

My hubby used to love deer camp too. Lately he's had to work and couldn't go. Yay for The Bennie for getting one!

Anonymous said...

John and his dad used to go hunting together.