Thursday, March 26, 2015

Come In To My Secert Garden

1994 Texas these photo's were not taken at same time.
We can sit here for a while

It took a lot of afternoons to clear out the under brush a round the cemetery oaks
I called them that because they had vines grow all over them.

I  planting flowers here and there.

This was late afternoon looking back at the house. Blackie and I would walk the rounds
ever morning and afternoon when I came home from work. Ok it is stating to make me a little sad
I was sick for six months after we left this home. We only lived there 3 years. We had to sell and
go back to Memphis Tennessee be cause of Bennies job.


Ginny said...

The last picture is stunningly beautiful. The light and shadow...looking as though it is leading to something great! I wonder if you were sick because you were heartsick for this wonderful place?

Anonymous said...

It was a lovely place, Patsy. I understand that looking at the photos brings back fond memories of the home, yard and Blackie. I can hardly look at photos of the home we shared with mother (Nalley Valley) we called it. It just breaks my heart.
Love you.

Mari said...

Such a beautiful place! I can see why it was hard to leave it.