Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Critter's in The Yard

 The Bennie would hand feed this Squirrel hold shelled pecans.
These are still photo's of home and yard.

 This chipmunk stole all the sunflower seeds she could stuff in her mouth
and bury them. They would come up in bunches. She had a nest under my potting table with three babies.
 The old daddy squirrel
And this was our love,  Blackie came to us when we lived in Texas. 
He had good manners very smart and so much personality. Here he is sticking his tongue out at me. 
Blackie lived with us 18 years.  Our children called him their little black brother.


L. D. said...

Fun shots. I it amazing that the chipmunk had its nest so out in the open. Yes the cat is a wonderful thing and we are lucky that they live so long.

Ginny said...

Sweet Blackie. We have lost several cats and it is hard, each one is so different, just like people. Have you seen the chipmunk babies? I LOVE chipmunks!!! As a little girl, we had a woods out back. And we would sit very still with a peanut in our hand, and after an eternity a chipmunk would come up and take it, then scurry away. They are not near as bold as the squirrels!

Sparky said...

That's so cute. Nice pictures. We once had a black cat too, an Oriental Short-hair we named Tasha. She had loads of personality. ~:)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful cat! I enjoy your photos so much. We once had a chipmunk family under our deck. They were fun to watch.

Mari said...

Those chipmunks are so cute! So is Blackie, and I know seeing those pictures brings back good memories.