Monday, March 16, 2015

Mother and Daddy Come To Visit

 We took them to our favorite place to eat on Caddo Lake  the  best alligator
and catfish in the world. Daddy and I ate some of the alligator, not bad.

Now remember this was in 1984 where we lived in
Texas so as you know we don't look like this now.(wish, wish)

 The archery man , the Bennie was getting ready for bow season.

Sitting on the chair is Bennies Parakeet his name was tweety bird.
Now let me tell you about that bird--I hated it with a passion--
It loved Bennie with as much passion as I hated it. The stupid bird would bite me anytime it could and bring blood. Guess who had to clean the cage??? The thing would kiss and groom Bennies hair and ears and when he talked to it--  I kid you not it would swoon and fall over. Nutty bird.
If we went in the bedroom or any other room away from the cage, that bird would screech and just have a fit. One day Bennie came home and I had bandages on every finger and you got it I told him the bird goes or I do. The next day he took it to work and gave some one a bag of bird food to take it with them . Why not it worked with the cat food. I want bore you with the dang gerbil he had that run around all night on his wheel and rolled in a big ball all over the floor.

 The house is going up, this is the front and side.
The back of house. We are building on a acre of land, all woods
had to clear out a lot of trees.


Ginny said...

It is so exciting to see your house go up! The Tweety Bird story is hilarious! I am getting ready to read it to Phil. Bennie made a good choice, you and not the bird.

Simply Linda said...

Lol--sorry, had to laugh at the bird story...I agree, Bennie made the right decision.

Sweet friend, I no longer look like I did back in 1984, nor do I look the same from last year. We all have changed...much more healthier (which translates to "plump"). I am afraid, sweet friend, that middle age is not agreeing with me one bit. wink

Thanks for the smiles and giggles...Blessings

Karen said...

I sympathize with the bird story. We had a cocker spaniel that hated me and bit one else. I must have been about 5. They finally gave it to the neighbor man.

Anonymous said...

I've never tasted alligator but I do love catfish. An acre of land would be so nice. Fun to watch the progress of the home being built. That is something about that bird - what about it loving the Bennie so much!!!

Mari said...

Good memories! We have a bird at work that either loves you or hates you. I'm one that he bites...
It's fun to watch the progress on the house.

L. D. said...

When I try to move my cockatiel he wants to clamp his beak on the soft skin of my hand. I wrap him up with a dish towel and cover my skin now. It hurts and does draw blood when they bite.