Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stand Back Man At Work

The man said most days should be shut my mouth day.
Now, what ever could he mean?

 Wild Blackberry's
 Homemade seedless Blackberry Jam
 We had some on toasted  English Muffins this morning.
So Good!


Simply Linda said...

Oh my goodness! My mouth is watering for Blackberries. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Beautiful looking blackberries! Happy Saturday.

racheld said...

Oh, did you pick those yourself? It's such a treat to see them come in a BUCKET and not those little plastic boxes harder to open than Aladdin's cave.

I'd forgotten til a few days ago how red blackberries turn out, sometimes. Yours looks scrumptious, and how DID you seed them? I still have Mammaw's big aluminum "jelly thing" what you run the wooden "maul" around and around to get out the juice.

I DID make a little jar of strawberry-pineapple jam last night, from some little kebabs Sweetpea had made for her party. Just cut them a little smaller, put in sugar and a little vanilla and a squirt of apple juice, and it cooked off into a pretty little jar that we're having for brunch in a bit when everybody gets back from their errands.

Happy weekend to you and Mr. The Bennie!


Ginny said...

Oh yummy! Nothing beats fresh summer food!

Lona said...

Oh Yummy. I love Blackberries and that jam Benny whipped up looks so good. Won't it be nice this winter on some toast or biscuits? Yum.That Benny amazes me with his cooking and now canning.DO not trade him out Patsy. LOL!

Mari said...

That looks wonderful!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Is there anything finer !
Summer at it's best *drool*

L. D. said...

We love our homemade jam and I bet yours is delicious. Your jam looks great. I remember as a kid picking blackberries down by our farm pond.

Marie said...

I LOVE blackberries in the summer! Blackberry jam, oh MY!!!!