Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In The Early Morning

Yesterday a friend knocked on our door, and had these big tomatoes. 
Two are a yellow tomato not my favorite but I will eat them. They were grown in Missouri. 
You can guess what I had for lunch, Bacon and tomato sandwich with lettuce,  the lettuce is
called living lettuce grown in Tennessee and lots of Miracle whip dressing on it.So Good
This last much longer  and taste better.
It has roots
This new knife cuts tomato's just great.
First really good tomato this year, just delicious. 


Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

Never heard of a yellow tomato. Maybe they're good? Tomatoes are versatile. We put them in everything. Hubby even enjoys tomato sandwiches. ~:)

Anonymous said...

Your sandwich looks great. I like that special knife.

Mari said...

That looks so good! I never heard of living lettuce before. I like the knife.

White Lace and Promises said...

I have never seen a yellow tomato. We had a bacon and tomato sandwich tonight for dinner. We had no lettuce. It was soooo good! I'm known to make myself sick eating so many tomatoes in the summer. I even break out in a fine rash when I've eaten too many because of the acid. That sandwich looks yummy!

Simply Linda said...

Yummy!! We like tomato and mayo sandwiches. Blessings

racheld said...

That was our supper last night---a tomato sandwich each, a bowl of broccoli/cheese soup, and broiled catfish fillets. Kinda a disjointed dinner, but Chris really enjoyed that first tomato sandwich (Blue Plate Mayo, please) of the year. He says it's kinda like a handful of salad AND bread.

We're looking forward to our "two-bowl supper" as we call it. A hot bowl of his luscious just-cut creamed corn, and a cold bowl with a couple of cut-up tomatoes each, with sea salt and Blue Plate. A spoon into this bowl, a spoon of that . . . What a Summer Feast!

Glad you and Mr. The Bennie have such wonderful neighbors. We do, too.


Marie said...

Real home-grown tomatoes, fresh lettuce! Oh YUM!!!!!

Winifred said...

They look gorgeous. One of my favourite sandwiches is crisps & tomato.

My granddad used to grow yellow tomatoes, I love them. Mind you they weren't as big as those!

Our tomato plants have just flowered. I bet they are ready to eat when we're on holiday in September!