Thursday, July 24, 2014

Have You Ever Tried Rose Hip Tea?

My Yellow Sunny Knock Out Rose is loaded down with Hips.
I have heard people make tea with them. But I don't know if I would.
I think there are other things you can do with them. Would you do anything with them?


Ginny said...

I know that rose hip tea is popular, but I wouldn't know how to actually make it! I have seen it in the stores though.

Mari said...

I would have no idea how to make it, but I've seen it in the store. Sorry!

racheld said...

Don't you wish they stayed that red in the Winter for holiday decorations? My one big bush fades into browny red about October every year.

I haven't tried the tea, but I did have one too eager salesgirl in a shop thrust a jar of rose-hip jelly into my face, and it was like inhaling the time the Avon lady spritzed the new Rose Cologne in my living room, and we washed everything in there, and even had to have the curtains dry-cleaned, before I could stand to be in there.

So no, I don't think I'll be sipping anything rose-flavored. But they sure are gorgeous.


Patsy said...

That was funny and I know just what you mean about the smell.LOL

L. D. said...

I would like to know also how it is done as I too have lots of rose hips.

Marie said...

I understand you can also make jelly from them. They are high is vitamin C. I've never made any tea or jelly myself, but you should try it since you have the hips available!

Yes, it is HOT!!!! 114 degrees the other day. But that is here in Tucson. When we were on the trip, it was very pleasant, especially as we moved up into the mountains (later posts) I like to escape the Tucson heat in the summer, especially since it gets really humid here then also. I'd love to leave for two whole months but we just can't!