Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In The Pink

 The Hibiscus is blooming.
This silly Rabbit is eating my Morning Glories.
Not happy with just his bowl of food. I put foil around them so for so good.
We had a storm yesterday and today it is so very cool they said it was like September  weather
But it will not last long. Wishing  all of you will have a good day.


Mari said...

I love hibiscus! We have several rabbits chewing on our flowers too. :(

Ginny said...

Hmmm, perhaps grow some carrots nearby. It is funny, but we dd that once!

Simply Linda said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH bad wabbit (wink, I know I said Wabbit)--well.. might look into buying rabbit food so he will leave your flowers alone??? I dunno..he is cute though..Blessings

Anonymous said...

The hibiscus is so pretty. Bennie needs to whisper to the rabbit to leave the morning glories alone!!!