Wednesday, June 29, 2016


We started the week out with lots of Patriotic celebrations
Then that night fireworks

 Monday Luncheon At the Church

To honor U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Army Air Corps,
Women's Air Corps, U.S. Marine Corps, Air National Guard.
Giving Honor To "World War I- 1911-1919" "World War II-
1940-1945"  "Korea War 1950-1953," "The Cold War 1954-1962",
"The Vietnam War-1960-1973, "Armed Forces Expeditions
1983--1999," The Global War On Terrorism
2001--Today --"
To Honor to Whom Honor is Due and Remembering The Fallen

 Tuesday Afternoon our Bible Study Class
had a cookout for all Bellevue-Woods
These men are Members of Bellevue Baptist Church
that feed us at no charge, and do all the work.

I see Anna in line
Guess Who?
These Lady's are from the Church also, they serve and 
clean up. God Bless Them! 


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like they take care of you quite well! Fun activities when all you have to do is enjoy! :)

Simply Linda said...

Beautiful....I just love the fact you live in such a lovely community, Patsy. Have a joyful week.

Love Of Quilts said...

I'm thinking you guys have got it made. So good of them to take such good care of you.

L. D. said...

It looks like a fun week already. Good times.

Charlene said...

What fun...Hope it has cooled off there. It was only about 80 degrees here today. Bellevue really goes all out for ya.

Sparky said...

What fun! I can smell the cookout from here. Yum. Is the Guess Who photo of you? Good pic. Thanks for sharing. ~:)

Ginny Hartzler said...

The table is beautiful! And your fireworks shot is so good, just perfect and not blurry at all. Fireworks are a challenge to snap! What fun!

Mari said...

It looks like you've had a wonderful week! Glad you had such fun!

Maggie Ann said...

wow, everything looks so special! What a great celebration of the 4th.