Saturday, June 4, 2016

I Guess

By now you know I live in a "Flower Garden"
I didn't toil, plow or dig, there are some weeds
but this is man made so, I just reap God's grace
where fellowship is all around in every step I
walk in this garden. It's not perfect because we
are human still. But we are preparing for the 
 real garden in our future.  

The nice gate keeper saw me and opened the gate and
let me out to get this  photo:

 There must be Honey Bees around but most I see
are big Bumble  Bees.



Simply Linda said...

Oh we have those great big bees in our flowers as well, Patsy...smiles. Have a beautiful Saturday friend.

Ginny Hartzler said...

A beautiful picture!! So these pictures are not your yard? I love what you write about a natural garden and our garden in the future! Cultivated flowers are beautiful. But just as much, I appreciate the wildflowers that some call weeds. And I LOVE dandelions!

Mildred said...

I just love the purple coneflowers. At the end of the summer, the goldfinches loves the seeds on these. Wishing you and Bennie a good evening and a blessed Sunday. We've had rain off and on today, which we needed. xoxo

Mari said...

I love your flower pictures and I'm glad you get to enjoy them without all the work!

White Lace and Promises said...

What a great photo of a beautiful flower. I hope to finally have flowers too.

Love Of Quilts said...

I was watching on you-tube the other day of a man that was going to where there were the killer bees and getting rid of the nest. He didn't kill them all because they are still being used to pollinate everything. He said the farmers are using bumble bees for this now. I am not sure but it sounds like they have raised them for pollinating crops.

Next thing we know there will be cross breeding and we will have killer bumble bees.

Lady Jane said...

My cone flowers are not open as yet. I love them. They are in my new garden. Love the pics, especially thru the fence. Hugs, LJ

Sparky said...

The cone flowers are so pretty. I think those might be Carpenter Bees. They're a pest at our place. Hubby shoots them .22 long rifle rat shot. He's a good shot! ~:)

Karen said...

I am thankful also for the gardens near me since I live in an apartment. The beautiful flowers bring a lot of cheer.