Friday, June 3, 2016

Working Away

Sweet Anna is doing a great job on the Quilt 

 We were looking at her small stitches
 The Bennie got the light with magnifier on top, she was showing how
easy  threading her needle was now.
and it gave her so much more light, she was happy,
So am I


Simply Linda said...

That is going to be one beautiful quilt, Patsy. smiling

Mildred said...

The light is a big help I am sure. Lovely quilt and sweet friend.

I wish you and Bennie a nice weekend.

Karen said...

That is so nice. What a keepsake that quilt will be!

Charlene said...

Patsy, what great pictures. Wonderful of Bennie to get the light with magnification. The quilt is lovely. Just love the colors. Anna is truly a sweet friend. Have a wonderful week-end.

Sparky said...

She does expert work. That quilt is going to make someone's bedroom very pretty. ~:)

Mari said...

Such beautiful work! I can see that the light would be very helpful.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It will be lovely! :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful device this is!! Perfect for people who can't see very well or have bad light. She has a lot of patience.

racheld said...

Oh, Miss Patsy, what a wonderful thing! I so love to watch a bunch of ladies quilt, listening to the conversation and watching those quick, talented hands. There's just something your born with, i guess, for my Mammaw always said i was a "Born Cook," but I can't sew AT ALL. I'm the coffee-getter and the tea-pourer, for my stitches are quite a shame to behold. Embroidered a little when I was growing up, and still have a few pillowslips in the closet, painstakingly stitched with little odd lines to make Dutch children, or pansies or a rose.

But the quiet contemplation of quilting, being there just you and the fabric and thread, whiling away the days in such a pretty task---I think that must be so wonderfully fulfilling and restful.

When we moved into the "little house" on my first In-Laws' "place" in Mississippi, there were only two small bedrooms, and in the ceiling of one was a long rack-thing that would lower on pulleys, and could be set to swing at the height you wanted. My Dear first MIL said that FIL's Mama had pieced and quilted many a quilt in that sunny little room, with her "stories" on the radio, or maybe WMPS Memphis with the good country music.

It's a wonderful thing to have good friends, isn't it?

You and Mr. The Bennie have a wonderful JUNE!


L. D. said...

That lighting system is such a blessing. I sort of could use one of those when I do artwork anymore as I seem to get more blurry as the years pass by.