Friday, June 17, 2016

Fun Day

at the farmers market :

 We got some big Tomatoes ripe and home grown
from Mississippi
 The Bennie making his way in--
 We got squash
 This is Rodney and his goodie stand, he lives in our
 We got a watermelon, our first of the year. It
was so sweet and good.
Have you been to a market near you yet?


Simply Linda said...

No, not yet...watermelon does sound good, Patsy. smiles

Charlene said...

Fresh veggies are sooo good. A friend gave me corn from her garden today.

Kay said...

Looks like a great farmer's market. We have farmer's markets here in our valley but they aren't as nice as your looks to be. I'll be those tomatoes are going to be delicious. Home grown is so much better than store bought.

Sparky said...

Cool Farmer's Market. I 'think' that Pierce county may finally have one. Here we are a big farming community and we finally have an official Farmer's Market. I need to seek it out and pay it a visit now that our garden has slowed down. (Golly, I'm sick of Yellow Squash ... *lol*). ~:)

Mildred said...

Tomatoes for sandwiches sound tasty to me. We have not bought a watermelon yet but it is a favorite treat for summer!

Mari said...

That looks like a very nice market! I haven't been to a farmers market, but I did stop at a roadside stand to buy strawberries this week.

Ginny Hartzler said...

This one looks awesome! Abundance plus freshness! Once a week?

Love Of Quilts said...

I haven't been to the market. I can't remember to. We had our first mess of squash last week out of our garden.

L. D. said...

That would be a fun place to go to for a market. I like that barn inside and out.