Thursday, June 23, 2016


Sure try to avoid that as long as I can.

 So this is why
I washed these -- some my mother made
This one
 This one-- need to fix some on it
She did the one on bottom and the long one,
do you use doily's  ? I do.
I put them on back of chairs and dressers and night stands.I never
did learn to crochet , mother did try to teach me when I was a kid.
But I couldn't sit still had to be out climbing a tree, jumping, or dancing
around. Wish I could still climb a tree now!!!

Three of my great grandsons


Simply Linda said...

OHHHHH how pretty, Patsy, your mom sure had talent. Yes, Patsy, I use doily's. My grandma use to say, "Linda, you sure have a old soul. Doily's are for old ladies, dear." smiles

What a photo of your great grandson, I sure wish I could climb a tree...sigh.

Charlene said...

The dollies are still pretty. Your grandsons look like they are having fun.

L. D. said...

The crochets are beautiful. I like your grandson tree. Cute, sweet kids.

Sparky said...

Even though I grew up with most all the crafts: sewing, crochet, knitting, etc. I never had the patience to make a doily. Those are lovely. Your mom was very talented. I'm scared to put mine in the washer. Gotta a secret on how to wash without destroying all that beautiful work? ~:)

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your great grandsons are beautiful! My mom crocheted doilies too. And I have boxes of them. I need to put them out. These are lovely!

Love Of Quilts said...

I have in the past used dollies, I don't have any out now. Your are nice. Good picture of grands. Climbing trees that was a long time ago, WE DID HAVE FUN IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS.

Mari said...

Those are just beautiful! I try to avoid ironing, but these are worth it. :)

racheld said...

Beautiful legacy in those doilies---a lot of my own inheritance was needlework, from Mother and Daddy's Mother. They both spent long afternoons with a radio program and their flying needles---both mostly crochet.

I was a tree-climber, as well, escaping up those huge pecan trees with Jane Austen or Nancy Drew (Mother called reading in the daytime "wasting daylight," so I had to hide). And I can say I read all of TARZAN up a tree.

But I tried over and over again to learn to crochet. They said my fingers were too tight. Every thing I attempted, starting in that middle ring---by the time i had six rows done, it had always turned into a Barbie hat. I do still have several old pillowcases with the crochet borders, though---some even embroidered by me in corresponding colours.

Hope you're staying COOL. Our electrician comes tomorrow--we've been without our major A/C unit all this season.


Maggie Ann said...

I too love doilies and use them. I've made a good many in years past...tatted and crocheted pineapple. Love them all. Once I bought a knitted doily....quite large..sort of a star pattern. I took it to our knitting group and as it was admired and everyone was oohing over of the ladies said, 'Oh look! heres a made in 'china tag' I was flustered and disappointed.....(and shocked) and then Nancy burst out laughing and said 'only kidding' Isn't real life great! You've got some wonderful doilies and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one t hat saves them and enjoys them.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I used to use doilies and dresser scarfs. Not so much anymore...but yes they must be starched and ironed! :)