Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Color Are Your Tennis Shoes

Larry over at "Larry's Creative Zone" gave me this thought
He was talking about white tennis shoes.

 I would buy white tennis shoes for my grand kids
I always had white tennis shoes, but no more. My kids made fun of me.
You know what I think , they just didn't want to keep their children's
white tennis shoes clean. There are so many funny looking color combinations  in
them today , just take you pick.

Happy Birthday Donna!


Lady Jane said...

I still buy white for myself... And I use the old ones in the garden. LJ

Sparky said...

I have a white pair for when I want to be dressy. *lol* And a blue pair for every day. I need a black pair for walking. Hopefully I will rectify that soon with a much needed shopping trip. ~:)

Mari said...

Mine are white! :)

Simply Linda said...

I have many diff. color of tennies---Happy Birthday Donna...smiles

Maggie Ann said...

Mine are white and very old....used only for exercise...which isn't often. My favorite shoes for outside are the rubber gardening shoes. Besides....when your ancesters were all very tall with large feet....I don't feel happy about my

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have not been able to wear tennis shoes for years. I have a ganglion on the top of one of my feet and it protests and makes my whole foot numb if "he" doesn't like the shoe I am wearing. I say "he" because it is a pain in the butt ganglion...I have had surgery on it and it still comes back. So I wear crocks and boots that don't have laces...I know I am a real fashion statement somedays but at least I am not dragging along a numb foot:)