Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Now That We Are awake

Did you know that it is rare to be hit by lightning,
in ones lifetime ?
Like 1 in 3,000 chance.

Major Walter Summerford
was struck three times when alive, 4 years after he died 
his gravestone was hit  by a  lightning strike.

(He was sure a powered up man)
This comes from Fun Factz by Rich Powell

Sunday we had a powerful storm. Lightning was streaking a cross the sky,
got my attention real quick. Some customers are still out of power across the city.


Simply Linda said...

Now, that is pretty cool information, Patsy. Blessings

Sparky said...

Three times?! Wow. Even when he was dead the lightening wouldn't leave him alone. Poor man! Y'all stay safe. That lightening is scary stuff. ~:)

Mildred said...

That is wild!

It is so frustrating to be without power. It was about this time last year when we lost power due to an ice storm. It has also been one year since little Harriet (our dog) passed away. We still miss her.

We have had a beautiful and very warm day today.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is strange, but a fun fact! :)

Mari said...

That is crazy! I had a patient who was struck once and lived through it. He had quite a scar though.