Thursday, March 31, 2016


 We are having flooding in some parts of town, lots of storms about.
Not sure if these are tulips very small and it has been days ago that
 I took this photo, they still look the same not opened up.


Mildred said...

Hi Patsy, Our rain is just now beginning. You stay safe. Those are unusual tulips.

L. D. said...

I have seen tulips like this for sale, package photos. I don't know if they every open. We had a large amount of rain and some hail last night.

Simply Linda said...

It has been raining off and on all day here, and the winds--oh man...very high. Anyways--beautiful Tulips---hey, guess what I noticed today? Jouquils are coming up.

Sparky said...

Rain expected here too. The tulips are pretty. I bought a pink Geranium, Pain, or no pain, it's going in the ground tomorrow. At least my eyes still work. *giggle* Thank you, thank you for the prayers. ~:)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

It's late afternoon and we are just now getting thunderstorms and possible tornado spin ups. Always the same at this time of the year :(
Your blue skies are very promising.
~ Jo

Mari said...

It's been raining like crazy here too, and now is supposed to be getting quite cold. No flowers ready to bloom yet. I hope your tulips open up!