Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring is Coming

  1. to our Mid -South even with Spring flowers and Spring storm's 

The storm is moving in this morning 
 No green grass yet
 the Tulip Trees are blooming
And the Azalea's
Have a Happy March!


Mildred said...

Good Morning Patsy! It is nice to see some spring color. We had a beautiful day yesterday but today it looks like rain.

Latane Barton said...

Oh no, I think you are sending that storm my way. Wish you'd just keep it down there. Today has been so beautiful... but alas the weatherman says it won't stay that way.

Sparky said...

Please send the rain this way. We have dried out and need the moisture again. Our azalea's are blooming too. Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

Mari said...

So pretty! Spring is such a hapy time of year.