Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rain And More Rain

That's OK rain just getting ready for April showers and lots of 
May flowers.
 The trees are in bud
I am not sure what this tree is.
Have a good day!


Sparky said...

Wish it would rain here. I think it's suppose to by the end of this week.
It's always nice when the tree's start budding. That means it's truly Spring.
Hope your evening is blessed. ~:)

Mildred said...

It is warm and cloudy here today. We are seeing new growth on some of our bushes. I sat out on the patio with the dog for a few minutes. It feels nice.

Simply Linda said...

Pouring rain here, least it is not cold. Have a beautiful Thursday.

L. D. said...

Oh wow look at that daffodil. I have leaves coming up right now.