Friday, June 18, 2010

Plant's from Darla and Becca

Darla from More Family and Flower's sent the Cleome seeds and they were not planted in this spot but that is okay I was so happy to see them in with the Poppies that Bacca from A Southern Garden By Becca sent. Sometime flowers just don't like where you think they should go.
I have been looking for the Poppies to show there self for sometime and had given up on them.

This book The Ultimate Container Gardener was given to me for Christmas in 1998

it has been a great guide for my projects with step by step techniques and selecting plants for my containers

Growing Your Favorite Plants book has help me identity lots of plants and the information about many flowers.

Be a Realistic Optimist:
Your attitude toward the future will help create your future. You might as well put the self-
fulfilling prophecy to work for you,and, besides, life is far too short to be a pessimist.
from ( Around the Kitchen Table) By Mary Clement


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your plants are looking good Patsy, patience..sometimes that is all it takes for the littlest seeds to sprout! I love is a great plant!:)

Darla said...

So glad the Cleome sprouted and it looks happy too. Great books, I should look into getting those exact ones!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Looks like a wonderful book, I shall see if they have it in the local libray.
Everything is looking great, your doing something right !

Rae said...

I am doing container gardening for the first time this year. It has been fun. I enjoy reading those books too. They do offer many ideas. My trouble is I want to try all of them. I already have enough to tend to now.