Friday, June 25, 2010

Flowers In Bloom

Just look at this sweet little bloom of a Blackberry lily this was from Mildred over at Mildred's Photo for Today
The Zinnia mix did have some larger flowers to bloom

had to be a show off again with the tomato's they have been sooo good.

Vinca's are starting up good with there blooms

I am so excited about this one Butterfly Flower coming up in the garden. We looked for the plant this spring to buy but no one had them. Now we will have the Monarch Butterfly's this year.

This Gayfeather Liatris blooms from top down

We did get a good soaking rain yesterday the first in about 4 weeks
the flowers and lawn look happy today.
Psalm 103:4
Who redeems your life from the pit; Who crowns you with loving kindness and compassion.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Oh Patsy your Liatris are so pretty. And you are going to have tomatoes in a couple days. They look so yummy. Have a wonderful weekend.

Becca's Dirt said...

Your zinnias are beautiful. Looks like we have the same seeds. Vincas are gorgeous. I'm jealous of your butterfly weed. Mine looks like it is about to die. Have a nice weekend. Becca

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh tomatoes...can't wait, all I have right now is blossoms.


Anonymous said...

I know you were happy about the rain! Everything is looking very pretty and I know you are looking forward to butterflies. Have a nice weekend.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Beautiful simply beautiful Patsy. I am glad you got some rain, we need some so badly.Your header is also beautiful, I love petunias. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend.