Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day-lily Du Jour

I wish I knew the names of the Lily's but do not.
The paper said annual tour: Sorry to say I was very disappointed the yard was very unkempt. Some had name tags most didn't.

There were some very lovely Lily's that were in bloom. This was at the old home of the president of Northeast Arkansas Day-lily Society. This lady needed help in her garden bad.

She was asking 5.00 a root The paper said there were 300 registered day lily and approximately 200 seed- lings Which I did not see. The ones in pots were died or dieing.
There were about 6 lady's taking up all of her time as she pulled hole clumps up and gave them what they wanted. Others were sitting waiting to pay.
It was about 96 in the shade so we left. (I may go back later?)


Rae said...

You managed to capture photos of some very pretty ones despite having a small selection to pick from. Our heat is miserable too. Too hot for me to venture out much. Sure hope we all get a break soon.

Mildred said...

It is hot here too Patsy. We have been inside all day. You took some great pictures. If you would like to look at some daylilies online go to They have some very reasonable deals and it's a good way to see the colors that you like even if you don't buy any.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That's to bad, but you know, maybe somewhere out there is a gardener who is going to share for free with you. Never know. The photos you captured are quite lovely.

I am in awe of that peachy double beauty.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

The peach double lily is so pretty. Sometimes things happen in life where we just cannot keep up. Maybe that is what happened to here garden. I am trying to make my garden beds so that they will be easier to handle as I age. I really need name tags for so many of my plants.A lot of my lily's came from a sale of assorted ones so I may never know their names. Sound hot in your area it is hot here too but maybe not as hot as yours. You and the Bennie stay cool.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It is really hard to kill a daylily..she must be even a worse gardener than me. HA! Five dollars a root..that seems a bit much...especially if she was fresh digging them. Three dollars is more like it...but maybe they are real fancy ones with huge blooms. I love the apricot double..very nice:)