Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Up Date

When he came this morning he almost took 
the nut from The Bennie's hand he is out of
the bushes got the nut and as you can see .

 First Pecan
 he will only eat two then he says bye-bye see you tomorrow.


Karen said...

I know you enjoy your little visitor!

racheld said...

Oh, Y'all!! What a delight this Sunny morning!! I love all the little rodenty creatures, especially squirrels of all kinds.

Here are some little "tales" from WAY back in the first days of my blog:


Y'all stay well!


Mildred said...

He is really cute! He does not eat too much!

Ginny Hartzler said...

It won't be long now. But you must give him a name!! Or her...

Charlene said...

Cute squirrel. He will be coming every morning for his treat.

Mari said...

That is so fun! Won't be long and he'll be eating out of the Bennie's hand!