Thursday, April 7, 2016


had a hard and windy rain, now we are covered in

Oak seedlings .

 we moved here in October so now we get to see all
the different colors of Azalea

that are blooming at our door.
This pink is lovely but did you know the blooms are now a yellow
color as they fad.


Mildred said...

It must be fun each day to see what has bloomed! These are pretty azaleas.

L. D. said...

I don't know what the balance is between where you lived and now but it seems you are getting to reap the benefits of all that others have planted. We don't have azaleas that do well outside. One variety survives the winter but never gets to be taller than a foot.

racheld said...

Oh, Miss Patsy!

Aren't we having some MARCH in April?! We've been so windy so many days, it's blowing great big TRUCKS off the road. But yesterday, i remarked to Sweetpea on the long drive through the country as we headed home from her school---I've never seen so many pale white trees in bloom, and they've lasted for DAYS through these high winds.

There are round ones, and weeping ones, and the most beautiful right now are the ones with every limb reaching for Heaven, all covered in the palest ghostly white with stripey green places where the limbs rise. It's like forests of ghost trees in the late cloudy afternoon.

Way back in the Fifties, before my Mother started an all-Caladium garden (she planted thousands of bulbs every year,
and she and a young gardener guy would take them up in Fall, dry them, then she tied each and every one up in old panty-hose, with a knot between each bulb, so the lumpy legs hung down WAY long. He'd climb up in the attic and hang them up for Winter---off topic but it's still amazing to me), our yard and house were ringed round with azaleas.

Mother had gone to Bellingrath with a Garden Club, and she came home with all sorts of plans, but most of her plants then were called Formosas. I LOVED them.

You and Mr. The Bennie hug onto each other and don't blow away!


Sparky said...

Azalea's are so pretty. Our's have already peaked and fallen. Now the roadsides are blooming in earnest with delicate wildflowers. Soon the vines will get into the act. Spring is indeed a colorful time of year. ~:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Azaleas are so pretty, you are lucky to have such beautiful bushes...and gardeners! :)

Mari said...

I love azaleas! Yours are so pretty!

Karen said...

Azaleas are lovely. The cars in our parking lot look polka-dotted from the Bradford pear blossoms this morning :)

Latane Barton said...

I love it when others do all the hard work and I get to enjoy the blossoms. Such pretty azaleas.