Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Under The Weather

But feeling much better, The roses are blooming
and I got welcome petunias at my door.

 My new good friend and neighbor has this beauty
at her door.
Our dear friend Frank lives in Houston now and the so call
 Bible flood didn't miss him. I hope he will send pictures for 
us to see. 


Mildred said...

Remembering you in my prayers, Patsy, and hoping you feel much better soon. The roses and the pot of petunias are very pretty. Thankful that Frank is safe.

L. D. said...

They are beautiful petunias in the welcome basket. That is a perfect red rose.

Sparky said...

I hope you're 100% soon. Prayers for a quick recovery. ~:)

Mari said...

Beautiful flowers! Praying you are feeling better quickly.

Karen said...

Love the bright colored flowers. I'm very glad you are feeling better. Praying for the folks in Houston.

Charlene said...

So glad you are feeling better. Hope Frank and family doing alright.

Winifred said...

Take care Patsy. Hope you're back on top form soon.