Monday, April 25, 2016

Statues and Fountain Photo's

Saturday was the Passover beginning and Earth Day
I spent the day at Dixon Gallery And Gardens also
went to Audubon Gardens. So hold on because I took
many, many photo's.

 This is called Ceres Statue Men at the gates of hell.
Now why this in a garden  and at the entrance.

 This was in the center of the Woodland garden
 the Fansworth water sprouts
Lots of spring flowers still blooming.

It was very relaxing , lots of people were out enjoying the warm day.


L. D. said...

What a beautiful day you had to visit here. I really like seeing statues and flowers too.

Love Of Quilts said...

I think the way you did about the statue. Great weather we are having good to be able to get out side for a change.

Sparky said...

Lovely photos. I wish my garden looked half as good.
Earth Day is Lenin's birthday. A fact not lost on the Mother Earth (i.e. devil) worshipers. ~;)

Mari said...

It looks like a place I would enjoy - except that first statue!