Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oh! Autumn Joy

 Neon Sedum at it's peak.
 3 Big Dahlia's just had to show it again.
 Same with full sun on it
 Sweet white rose
I do not like this plant, The name is Fresh Look Celosia.
No more in  my garden will I have it.


L. D. said...

I bought a newer variety of sedum and maybe next year mine will look as good as yours. This is my first year in the longest time to have dahlias. I am really enjoying mine and yours sure do look great. That white rose is a perfect one.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Our Sedum is just now turning into those vibrant purples, such an easy plant to take care of.
Beautiful Dahlias and gorgeous white rose....so sweet.

Ginny said...

It is all so gorgeous! Except I am not sure about the last one. I have not seen anything like it. It looks like big fuzzy caterpillars.The large macro of the big purple Dahlia...be still my heart!!!! And the one perfectly pure and white rosebud, glorious!!

Carol said...

Dahlias remind me of my Grandma Minnie's garden. She made a dahlia corsage for me to wear at my 8th or 9th birthday party. A big black spder crawled out during the festivities. I hope to post a picture of me wearing my corsage on my birthday, Oct. 15th.


Anonymous said...

I have never had dahlias; they are so pretty. This is a different celosia to what mother had. The rose and sedum are very nice too. We have a nice, cool breeze today. Feels great.

Mari said...

Everything is so pretty, but I'm not a fan of celosia either.

Far Side of Fifty said...

In the right spot you might like that Celosia! I am not fond of the pale yellow color..but the red and burgundy ones are very pretty! Your Dahlias are lovely:)

Marie said...

Magenta and gold! Lovely!