Friday, September 5, 2014

Flowers In My Past

Do you know there names?

Oh! no that was not in my garden


Mari said...

I recognize some. They're all beautiful - except the alligator!

Ginny said...

You have me totally stumped! All I know is the beautiful rose. So now you must tell us what they are!

Anonymous said...

I am giggling at the alligator!!!

I think I see butterfly weed and a rose; the others I am not sure of.

racheld said...

Not a one, except the rose looks much like the Apollo roses I ordered many years ago.

Your Saurian seems to have "come up" well, but maybe a bit too much water?


Simply Linda said...

Very pretty--ewww on the did he get there? (giggling)

Maggie Ann said...

Your flowers are beautiful Patsy. Ours our beginning to go downhill. I don't get outside much this summer. I think the splashes of brilliant orange from the nustertians are my favorite. And a butter yellow hibiscus. And puffy white clouds too....=)