Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Love To Open The Blinds

 in the morning to see what color  blooms will be on the morning glory vines.
 What joy to meet the day the Lord has made.
 The first white one today with just a pail pink star in the center. I took a photo but it 
didn't show will.
 And these are the surprise color petunias from the greenhouse.
So far they are all this color light to dark pink.
Well as you can see not much blooming in the garden now.
With no rain in months we water ever day to keep these blooming.
Hope your day is a good one.


L. D. said...

Your glories all look so great. I had many bloom yesterday but I didn't make it out to photograph them. I saw the remains of crumpled blooms but didn't see them as blooms. You have a lot of great colors.

Anonymous said...

These are very pretty and I know they make you smile when you open the blinds each day!

Ginny said...

How awesome that you have these different colors!!! Such a pretty sight to wake up to!

racheld said...

So do I, but the scene outside ours is solid GREEN, not such sweet little flower-faces looking in. The "Luck Bush" is turning red on the tips, though, and so it will be a blaze of glory early this year, I think.

So glad you and Mr. The Bennie are having such wonderful blooms to enjoy.


Marie said...

You have a beautiful view!

Marie said...

You have a beautiful view!