Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rare Appearance

The last time My bird book notes said I saw this bird was in April 22 2008.
The Rose-breasted Grosbeak, what a treat to see him at the birdfeeder.
We are in their migration range to the north.
 If I had seen the female I would not have known it was a Grosbeak.


Blackberry Lane said...

I think they are so pretty. Have a good day.

racheld said...

How lovely, and how nice to see your friends again. I'm so glad they didn't get blown off course this week.

Grosbeaks are an exotic thing to me, like a far-north bird, and I don't know if I've ever actually seen one. Thank you for the glimpse.


Mari said...

They are pretty birds. We see them at our feeder quite regularly. The female and male really do look different!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

This is the first year we have seen these sweet birds at the feeders, so colorful and was happy to see them on their migration home.
Beautiful pictures.

L. D. said...

We had a migration of them during a snow storm. It is the only time I ever saw them in Iowa. They were eating the blue berries off of the spreading juniper shrub.

Simply Linda said...

Oh so pretty. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

Very cool. We had Rose-breasted's visit our feeders one week ago! That's the first time I've seen one up close. They are so pretty. Today, I had the pleasure to see my first Baltimore Oriole in the bottle brush plant in the back. New sightings are such fun. ~:)