Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blooming and Greening Up All Over

 Iris and honeysuckle
You know I have forgotten the name of this, it has little yellow flowers when it blooms.
Now can someone tell me it's name?


Sue said...

Spring is really springing up over at your place, Patsy, I am so happy for you as it has been a long cold winter for all! I have been in my herb garden this morning it was so quiet and warm, I didn't want to come in but did as i was getting hungry, and a little tired. ~smile~
Wish I could help with the yellow flower, I think it looks like it might be in the portucola family, I know I misspelled the word, any hoo we called them eleven o'clocks. Sorry I wish i could of bee more help.
Happy gardening.

Mari said...

Happy, happy pictures! I'm afraid I don't know what the yellow flower is though.

Anonymous said...

Your plants look so nice! I think the yellow one might be portulaca??

Simply Linda said...

Oh how lucky you are!! Blessings

Far Side of Fifty said...

Moss Roses/Portulaca or some kind of Sedum...most certainly a succulent of some kind:)