Monday, November 8, 2010

A little humor

has had surgery on her rotator cuff her son AJ is posting for her.
This reminds me when The Bennie had his rotator Cuff surgery sometime ago
and he is still as good as new.
He was doing his post-operative and was sitting out on the porch and a fly landed on his left arm he was in this same contraption as this ,his right arm was the boo-boo arm.
You guessed it with out thinking he lifted his right arm up and hit at the fly.
Poor baby was he ever so in pain from moving that arm so fast.
(Well it was funny)


Gigi Ann said...

It is funny, I can see him swatting that fly, and I can hear him moaning...


Dont ya just hate that when you forget about your injury and do silly things like that ! I have done it, when I fractured my wrist ! Boy OH Boy, did that hurt, I did say a few kind words " NOT" .
Get beeter soon Linda ! Have a great day to all !

Darla said...

I bet it was funny! 100% recovery for linda!!