Thursday, November 4, 2010

23 Years Ago

The Bennie went shopping at Fitz and Floyd in Dallas Texas
This is what I got
a lovely Black teapot with a pink rose on it.

he picked out this "Mallard Pond" plate

and this "Jungle Parrot" plate

We have enjoyed them very much:


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Patsy, Bennie did a great job! All three are beautiful. That is such a delicate tea pot - I love the rose. Hope you both have a good afternoon.

Charlene said...

Patsy, the Bennie has good taste. I love the teapot. The new header picture is really pretty. Wish you and Bennie would come to our Fall Fling.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lovely teapot..the Bennie has good taste:)

Darla said...

Of course he has good taste , he married you!

Lynn said...

Patsy, Bennie did a really great job on finding all of these gorgeous items and getting them for you! I especially love your teapot with the beautiful roses on it! Your hubby has great taste!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Gramma Ann said...

What was that Bennie up too, anyway, he sure knew how to pick a beautiful teapot, and I love the little plates also. But, since Roses are my favorite flower I guess the Teapot wins my heart, like Bennie won your heart.


They are all great but that tea pot is cute ! I collect tea pots, the ones that look like houses , cottages, pubs, etc or just beacuse I like them lol . Have a great day !