Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Come, Spring, Come!

I say phooey on Winter time, with all its snow and ice; with cold winds from everywhere it don't make me feel so nice.
Been hibernating so awful long I am almost bent double; and besides the frost in my ears my rheumatics give me trouble. Just sitting here waiting for Spring and nursing my dried -up thumb, till the song birds begin to sing and the honey bee begin to hum.

Just sitting here waiting for Spring , to follow my highest ambition: to see things grow from the ground according to oldest tradition.

But every time I expose my face I nearly freeze my ears and nose, and by the time I get back in the house they look like the red, red, rose.

I long to be where the sun shines thru all the livelong year; to sit by the side of a banana tree, or fish from the shade of a pier.

O, Spring, Gentle Spring, please come and take away all of my pains. If I have to hibernate much longer I'll be buried before the Spring-rains!

Sense and Nonsense in Poetry by Willis L. Tackette


Winifred said...

I do like that. Such great photos too.

Not sure I'd like to live where the sun shines every day and it gets really hot. I do like to see the changes in the seasons and winter kills any really nasty creepy things off. I just wish it was shorter!

Darla said...

Thisis great!

Becca's Dirt said...

Lovely and true poem. Hopefully warmer weather is on its way by the end of the month.

Carol said...

I love snow, but have had my fill this winter! I hear more snow may come our way in a few days! UGH!


Dar said...

Thanks Patsy and Bennie for visiting. I so agree with you about hibernating so long...mercy, enough is enough. I want to do what your turtle is doing...sunning himself waiting for spring. My joints have had it, so I can relate to those rheumatics. Any chance they are related to the 'itis' brothers, Burt, Arthur, and Rhumat? Them boys visit way too often.
God Bless You Two Come visit again soon

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, me too, Patsy! I am waiting for Spring. Hurry up already!

The forecast does call for another episode of snow and who knows what else. I am tired of the cold. I want signs of Spring already.

Hugs and Spring Breezes,