Friday, March 27, 2009

These are the goodies that were planted today

Iberis Candytuft
Black Knight Candle Larkspur

Butterfly Weed

Blue Fescue

Karl Rosenfield Paeonia

French Lavender

Blue Boy Phlox

The Bennie has been very busy in the flower garden today.


Winifred said...

What gorgeous flowers. I wish flowers would grow in our garden. We have such horrible caly soil that all the flowers die. I have to use pots for summer flowers but can't plant them until May when the frosts are finished.

Bennie has been working really hard I can see.

Darla said...

What beautiful plants you have chosen...Good work the Bennie!

W. Latane Barton said...

My word... you are going to have to get the liniment out for the Bennie. He's worked so hard. And, the flowers are gorgeous. I haven't planted anything yet.

Frank Baker said...

When I talked to Benny earlier he said he had been buying flowers. They are all beautiful. Dont' work Benny too hard.

Annie said...

Indeed!! What lovely photos. I too have had a lovely Autumn day in my garden working on my fish pond garden. THe most exciting thing was that I discovered 4 fish that I have put in one very hot day. I hadn't seen them since and thought they were long gone They must be survivors!!

Barbara said...

Very pretty. I have had all of those in my garden at some time in the past. Of course I now only do shrubs.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What lovely flowers, I'm ready to dig in the dirt myself...
I tend to like the lavenders but anything blooming right now, makes me smile :)