Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flowering Spice Shrub

Viburnum Mohawk Fragrant pink/white flowers, spring thur summer. L eaves take on warm orange -red color hue in autumn. We planted it on corner of front of the house. they said butterflys love it.


Shellmo said...

beautiful photos! I can picture that first one either on a card or being framed!

Linda J. said...

By this time next year you will have the most beautifully landscaped and blooming yard in your neighborhood.

Charlene said...


I wrote you a note on Frank's blog about the Red Hat Society. You can go to their website, I think, and check on information about the Red Hat groups in Jonesboro. Check it out, dust off your Red Hat and go.

I have got a couple of men working in my flower beds and will start planting flowers in a few days.

Doris Marks told me that Sally Bryant's sister died this past week.

Happy Planting

Maggie Ann said...

Its lovely...and I love the name. It must smell delicious.

Winifred said...

That is a lovely plant. Must have a gorgeous smell for those butterflies.

Frank Baker said...

I'm glad you have The Benny workiing. He grows good thing , well. Or something like that.