Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Thundering Novel

of strange passion, headlong adventure and sudden death. Hot-blooded love and cold-blooded violence. Are so the New York Herald Tribune said.

The Bennie had emergency surgery on Tuesday. So I didn't have any thing to keep me from twiddling my thumbs so I went down to gift shop and found this book on .50 table. It is an old book. if you have not read it and want to know more about Afghanistan. What a read. They kept him in over night, he is fine and better each day. He said just more experiencing Jonesboro our new home town.


Darla said...

I am sorry for being so selfish and not asking about the Bennie, please forgive me. I do pray all is well with him and glad you found an inexpensive good read. Tell the Bennie, they would have given him a tour of the hospital if he would have just asked!

Frank Baker said...

Sounds like good reading.
I talked to The Bennie tonight and he sounded much improved. He told me his head was clear. See you all Sat.

Renie Burghardt said...


My well wishes for Bennie. He may be home by now, and I pray that he continiues to be better and better.

I did want to tell you that I am really having a most difficult time commenting on your blog. It takes me several hours, so I just give up most of the time. I am sorry about that, because I do enjoy your blog. I think it's the Live Fedjit thing, it runs all the time and interferes with the commenting.

If I don't have success in commenting in the futre, I will be reading your posts. Have a good weekend.



bennie and patsy said...

I do hope you will not have difficult commenting on post now that I have taken off live fedjit.