Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is where we have been living the pass two days in our camper. We had heat and a stove to cook on. The house got very cold fast. The temp is still very cold and the ice shows no sign of melting.
The back of the house

We got electricity about noon today. The village people were hit hard it my be next week before they get electricity. We talk to Frank every day. They have gas so in one room they have a little gas heater that he put in this fall. ( smart move) So they have heat and gas to cook with. He said he will be back to his blog soon. The place we lived in the village now has a tree in the living room. Was God's time not just right for us and our move.


Darla said...

I am so glad you have that camper. I put a prayer request on my post before the skywatch Friday photo for all of you!! A tree in the living room? God is good! Stay warm and keep us updated.

Shellmo said...

I'm glad you have that camper too! I'm praying that you are back in your home snug and warm soon!

Carol said...

Hey Patsy!
We didn't get enough ice to break trees like we did in Dec. '07, but we had horrible & dangerous driving conditions. Looks like you have a lot of tree damage in your yard. Hope you guys are safe & warm. Thank goodness you had your travel trailer!

W. Latane Barton said...

So happy you were in that camper instead of in the old place with the tree through the roof. God does place us where we need to be.

Barbara said...

My, you have been getting some ice. I would not have expected it to get so cold in Arkansas. So pretty but I realise it is making life very difficult for you. How fortunate that you have a camper that you can live in. Hope it does not go on too long.

We have severe weather forcast for next week.

Winifred said...

Oh my goodness what a blessing you moved. You really have been hit very hard by the weather. Hope and pray you get your power back soon. Good job you had the camper van.

The pictures are lovely.

Linda said...

I am behind on the news because of our own ice and power outage. Glad you were able to keep warm! Cold temps and snow are coming this way again next week!