Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Experience

We have been experiencing Jonesboro. Lots of young people, the Arkansas State University is in Jonesboro and this was lunch at McAlister's. Enlarge to read, the Hogs are Arkansas University in Fayetteville Arkansas. Here they are the Red Wolves. Was he looking for a little conflict?


Darla said...


Charlene said...

Jonesboro has changed so much since I went to college there in the sixties....back then hardly anyone had cars and we mostly stayed on campus. I think you will find plenty to do over there.

Happy New Year to you and The Bennie.

Frank Baker said...

Looks to me that some like to live dangerously.

I like the new heading, and let me the first to call your attention to Tarzan the Squirrel in the tree. Did he follow you to Jonesboro?

bennie and patsy said...

Charlene have you been over lately it is beautiful looks all new.

Frank I thank he did it didn't take long for him and his brother to fine the sunflower seeds.