Thursday, July 20, 2017


 Went out to water my postage stamp garden.
The Squirrel came up and nosed around wanting nuts.
 It was way to hot, I live in a ice box and cold most of the time
But that heat was to much even for me.
That Bennie is a really hot guy???

The Bennie said he thinks Banana pudding would sure be good today.
So here it is

Stay cool!

6 comments: said...

I agree on the heat....too hot to do most anything outside. Banana pudding is good any time and as a matter of fact, I made some yesterday! Enjoy today.

Charlene said...

Hi Patsy, It is so hot and humid here. Mr. Squirrel is being spoiled by treats. Bennie's banana pudding looks delicious. Stay cool and soon, hopefully, the temperatures will go down.

racheld said...

Chris also thinks a good cold 'Nana Puddin would cure most of the problems of the world.

I think of Mr. The Bennie as a really KEWL Guy, myself.

Y'all stay well and stay in out of that heat.


Rose said...

Banana pudding does not sound bad...that looks like what my mom used to make. My boss used to make it and used graham crackers instead of vanilla wafers...delicious that way, too.

Mildred said...

That squirrel needs a popsicle! lol
Your pudding looks delicious.

Winifred said...

The pud looks lovely. I've never seen it before have you got a recipe?

No problems with heat here! As usual it's nice & fresh, a bit wet today but forecast OK tomorrow. Well it saves me having to water the plants.