Friday, July 7, 2017

So Much More

I have read Colin L. Powell's book, never would I have 
guessed I would meet Captain Tucker that I had read about.
 He has been  talked  about in many books.

Two books, "Beyond Combat" by James Hutchens and 
"The Hump" by Al Conetto   tell of Captain Tucker leading
his unit, Charlie Company of the 1st Battalion, 503
 Airborne Infantry, against a superior enemy force, in the
first major battle of the Vietnam war on November 1965.

The exploits of his Rifle Company were recorded in song in 2006By

Big and Rich and that song "The 8th of November"
was nominated for Country Music's Song of the Year
and Documentary of the Year for 2006.

His awards and decoration include the Silver Star, three
Bronze Stars, The Legion of Merit, The  Meritorious 
Service Medal and four Vietnamese cross of  Gallantry.

On Sunday, June 23, 2013, He conducted a large memorial service
at Arlington National Cemetery at  Arlington, Virginia, for thirteen
airborne soldiers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

He has many Titles 
Champion, Hero, Mr, Adviser, Executive Officer  and Captain,

Until his retirement in April 2002 he served as Minister of 
Pastoral Care at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis TN
for seventeen years.

Out of kindness he comes every Tuesday to 
teach Bible Class to us.


Ginny Hartzler said...

What with all he has been through, he must be a wonderful teacher!

Charlene said...

What. a blessings to have this celebrated military person for your Bible study leader.

Mildred said...

He must be a terrific teacher.
God bless you and Bennie this weekend.

Rose said...

Oh, my, I did not expect that last line...what a man he must be....something about it brought tears to my eyes.

Love Of Quilts said...

Sounds like he would be one that could teach well.

Mari said...

That is so wonderful! It tells me so much about him. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

How wonderful! Tell him a blogger from Minnesota thanks him for his service...then and now:)