Thursday, July 13, 2017

Good Reports

The Bennie has had it for 2 days with Doctor's

Both gave him with little stress, you or good to go.

Why or Dermatologist and the medication they
prescribe so very high???
$90.00 for a little tube of cream.
And if I didn't have dental insurance we could go broke.

Then I went to the Dentist  
It was painful for him in his pocket book
but the hours he had to wait in that cold
waiting room was all most to much.
It was 3 hours for a first visit to get a
 Got to go back in 2 weeks.


Mildred said...

Happy that Bennie got good reports. So sorry about your dental work....I always keep a jacket/sweater in the car because some places are so cold!

Love Of Quilts said...

That is the way it is most places, they freeze me too.

Maggie Ann said...

That must have been a long day....good to have the crown though. I don't like long waits in waiting rooms either, and chilly would make it worse. Most people aren't talkative there either, i like it when someone talks or just smiles a bit!

Mari said...

:( It's a no win situation!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Great that he got a good report! I have many caps in my mouth. Yikes the prices! One used to be $300.00. Now the price is over double!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I think I should go to Mexico for dental work, some people up here fly down there just for that! Yes all those derm cremes are expensive, and eye drops are too... luckily we have good insurance. I hate those places that are so cold, then you just sit there like a bump on a log waiting. My eyes have recovered...thank goodness:)

Rose said...

Oh, how expensive dental work is...we don't have insurance for that. And I just cringe at the thoughts of having to go for anything.

Winifred said...

Crumbs that's expensive for a tube of cream.

Crowns can be really expensive & painful for the pocket too if you don't want the standard NHS ones. Luckily there's a scale of charges for dental treatment on the NHS. That's if you are lucky enough to have an NHS dentist! Not everyone is.

Glad Benny got good results.

A Colorful World said...

A three-hour wait...that's awful!