Friday, October 28, 2016

To Day

is National Chocolate Day

 My Chocolate Brownie Tort
!- large tub of cool whip cream
1- can chocolate syrup
1- box brownie mix 
1- cup almonds

Put bowl and cream in freezer while you bake  the brownies.

Put the brownies in three cake pans lined with wax paper.
Cool the cakes

Mix chocolate syrup and cool whip to taste

Put the layers together one at a time, icing generously with chocolate
cream mix sprinkling with almonds.

On the top layer dribble chocolate syrup over top and sides.

Refrigerate a few hours before you eat to blend and soften.


Lady Jane said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS YUM!!! Brownies with vanilla ice cream topped with choc sauce is my favorite dessert. This would come in second. LJ

Mildred said...

Oh boy! This looks good. I did not know it was chocolate day but I did eat a Milky Way candy bar - a treat to myself for Halloween! lol

Ginny Hartzler said...

YUM!!! I could eat the whole thing.

Mari said...

That looks so pretty and yummy too!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks really good to me! I have never made a torte...but it looks easy and yummy:)

Phoebes World said...

It was National Chocolate Day!! How on earth did I miss that?? Could I make up for it today?? Delicious looking recipe btw...just up my alley
Phoebe x